Diet at Fox Boot Camp fitness and slimming camp

A healthy and properly balanced diet is the key to health and a very important element of training. It is carefully adjusted to the amount, type and intensity of exercises. Fox Boot Camp is about a daily, increased effort in fresh air. The body’s need for nutrients increases rapidly under such conditions. You will be provided strength and energy for training by a special diet developed by Gillian McKeith. It contains the right proportion of vitamins, microelements and other valuable ingredients. The Fox Boot Camp diet is a low-processed nutrition plan based on superfoods. It abounds in vegetables, fruits, nuts, stones, legumes, wholesome protein and whole grains. Perfectly selected products and the way they are prepared are designed to best support you in your training. You don’t have to worry about starving during our camp. We will prove to you that healthy food can be very nutritious and tasty.

The Fox Boot Camp diet paired with our special training programme is a fast and effective way to lose weight without the risk of the yo-yo effect.

If your goal is to improve fitness, build muscle mass and you are not interested in weight loss – you can count on increased caloric content / larger portions. The size of meals will be adapted to your individual needs.

If you have special dietary requirements or food allergies, please inform us before arriving at the camp. We will try to meet all nutritional requirements, and if necessary, we will adapt our menu to your individual needs.

In case of elimination of 1 product (e.g. meat) – additional PLN 100. In the event of the elimination of more than one product – an additional PLN 200.

The menu below will give you a taste of the meals served at our camp.



A glass of water with lemon, honey and Himalayan salt


Omelette with mushrooms, peppers, smoked salmon, spinach and fresh herbs


A nutritious and tasty cleansing cocktail made with seasonal fruits


Roasted turkey breast with a bouquet of vegetables and brown rice


Sweet potato rings with avocado and pomegranate


Grilled salmon with vegetables