Fox Boot Camp is about slimming and endurance holidays in Masuria, geared to changing the appearance, slimming the figure, improving fitness and – equally important – shifting the approach to a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage each participant to make a very important commitment to himself for a week. We want Fox Boot Camp guests to turn off their daily concessionary fare and switch to intensive work mode and full engagement. On our side, we will create for you the most favourable conditions for this purpose. We will motivate you, support you and do everything so that you are not tired with moments spent here. You can always count on our assistance and full attention. We will teach you not only how to exercise properly, observe your body and the entire organism, but also what to eat and what dietary mistakes to avoid.

We know what to do to infect you with an appetite for health. Our inspiration is the concept of Boot Camp slimming camps, which is very successful all over the world. We have comprehensive know how and expertise in this topic. Our participants leave us physically and mentally changed. And these are by no means short-term effects.


This is just a foretaste of what awaits you with us!

We will develop in your behaviours and habits that will enter your life for good. We will infect you with an appetite for a healthy body and spiritual strength. We will show you how to use diet to make a positive impact on your body.

Of course, you will be bound to break a sweat or two. However, any activity you do here will be carefully planned and focused on the result. If you are 100% engaged, we will make sure that the results come faster than anticipated. Hundreds of successful stories, thousands of dropped kilos and all-embracing satisfaction – thanks to these experiences we know exactly how to help you achieve the intended results.

Read about what are guided by during our camps.

BOOT CAMP is a more and more popular concept of sports camps during which all trainings take place outdoors. The idea of this type of camp comes from the training methods of the US Army. In the Fox Boot Camp programme, we use the best of this system, adapting the type and intensity of exercises to the individual physical conditions of its participants. Outdoor activities have a very beneficial effect on the human circulatory system. In this way, the level of bad cholesterol is reduced and heart work improves. Carefully planned, intensive trainings are aimed at simultaneously improving almost all aspects of the body’s functioning. The natural effect of these activities is real weight and fat loss and fitness improvement.

This is a kind of activity for persistent, determined people who like to spend time outdoors, who like adventure and adrenaline.

FOX BOOT CAMP workouts strengthen the muscles of the whole body much better than other physical exercises. They improve fitness, speed and overall physical fitness of the body. This is because workouts consist of endurance exercises designed to strengthen the body’s strength capabilities.

Fox Boot Camp slimming and fitness camps are held in small groups of up to 20 people. They require participants not only to work individually, but also as a team. Many exercises take place in the form of cooperation in couples There are also elements of healthy competition. A very important role in the Boot Camp method is played by a qualified trainer. He is in constant contact with the camp participants – he motivates them and provides important tips on how to properly perform each exercise.