The body’s ability to use oxygen is called physical fitness. The effect of poor performance is rapid shortness of breath even during low activity, such as running a short distance. People with poor fitness often also have problems with excessive sweating. A worse fitness level is burdensome when performing routine duties, and also increases the risk of health problems, including coronary heart disease. High performance is a guarantee of a healthy and good life. Fox Boot Camp is dominated with aerobic training, which aims to improve the overall condition of the participants. The proposed exercises are dedicated to inactive people who work in a sitting position. Aerobes have a beneficial effect on circulation, improve health, well-being and increase the quality of life. Become inspired with the metamorphoses of our participants and change your lifestyle!



I am an active person and do a lot of sport, but despite all this I arrived to the first camp with a weight of about 100 kg. I was lacking knowledge about how to exercise and what to eat to lose fat and increase muscle mass.

At the camp I found a method to deal with my body. I had to eat a bit differently (but certainly not less) and train similarly, but with the awareness of proper nutrition before and after training. The results? 5kg in the first week and another 10kg after a month. Improvement of fitness – significant.
Besides, there was the camp itself; cool natural surroundings, people with whom you become close with like at school and a total mental reset. I was there two times and I plan another stay in 2017.


“Piotr’s story is one of a true warrior and winner. Piotrek came to Fox Boot Camp for the first time in 2018 which marked the beginning of his training adventure. Today, he is preparing for the half marathon.

If you want to know the story of a person who did not like running, and cannot imagine life without running at present, and participates in running competitions – we invite you to read the following text. Piotr’s story will not only show you how to start training, but will also make you realise that nothing is impossible, and TO WANT IS TO SUCCEED!

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I used to be quite an active person. Then I gave birth and overstayed my welcome on the couch, I ate to compensate for my unfulfilled dreams and family troubles. There was more and more of me with each month. I couldn’t look at myself. I tried to change something, but it was difficult to shift my thinking patterns to another track, to organise myself. Fox Boot Camp was a gift of fate to me. I knew that I needed a strong whip, a trainer, the support of other people, I needed to get away from everyday life and concentrate on myself. I was not disappointed. It was very difficult, sometimes critically. . .
But the strength lies in the group! Everyone was very supportive of me and conversations with Asia helped change my mind. I returned changed. I suffered my first shock at training during which I quite the game after about 10 minutes. It was practically no problem to me. I didn’t as much as glance at chips and pastries for a good half a year. I just didn’t feel drawn to them. I created a new routine. Since the camp it’s sport and not food that has been my panacea for all evil. I feel fantastic. I am returning to Kruklanki.


“I would like to thank you with all my heart for the opportunity to spend a wonderful, but also very physically demanding time with you. Because you believed in me, I believed in myself. I am only letting you know now, because last weekend I ran my first five kilometres organised at the Warsaw Marathon. After the camp in Kruklanki, I started running and I noticed that my fitness had improved and I no longer get breathless after the first kilometre.

Starting, I assumed that my result would be around 37 minutes and I experienced a real shock when I ran the finish line in 31:11. Those were incredible emotions! Again, a big thank you! I am convinced that without you it would not be possible. I am very glad that I have arrived at specifically your camp and I could observe the passion and commitment with which you do your work, while motivating others.

I wish the best to the entire Fox Boot Camp crew!


My first 10 km ???? thank you so much for rebuilding me anew and giving me motivation to act;)

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