Persistence, hard work and litres of sweat. It takes a lot of sacrifice to change your body, habits and overcome limitations. Our campers undergo amazing metamorphoses: they not only change the size of their clothes but also their lifestyle. People who have never run 5 km before – are now preparing for half-marathons; addictive fast food eaters are now eating superfoods.


Kasia came to us with a starting weight of 93 kg. After 2 weeks of the camp, she left over 5 kg lighter, 10 cm slimmer at the waist and 6 cm smaller in the hips. Two months of self-discipline at home and Kasia visits us again with a weight of 83.8 kg. We fight for a “7” at the front for two weeks. And there it is… 79.8 kg, another 7 cm less at the waist and 6 cm less at the hips. Anyway…The weight is the least important. All that matters is how Kasia looks and feels!


2 weeks at the camp – and the change is visible to the naked eye. It may sound immodest, but looking at this comparison, I am convinced that we are doing a great job, and we have the opportunity to be with fantastic people !!!


Ania came to us for 4 weeks. She was driven, prepared for hard work, focused on success and positive. Ania’s fitness level changed with each week, as did her goal. The aim in the first week was to survive, in the last week – to have fun. The result of this 4-week adventure? A profound change in her approach to sport and nutrition, a change in figure and 15 kg less. Two weeks after returning home, Ania boasted another weight loss of 6 kg, which is proof that she had learned what to eat and how to exercise to reduce her weight.


Kasia came to us in 2016 for 2 weeks. She left with good results, motivated, with a plan in her head…
After a year, she contacted us again, pleasantly surprising us with her fitness level and appearance.

“It all started a year ago at your camp. A year has passed, I am 10 kg lighter, but I feel as if I had lost at least 20. A different quality of skin, body and fitness. Sport has become second nature to me so much that when I do nothing for two days, I feel like I am missing something. It is with you that I have come to love running, now I run on a regular basis, and 6 km is no longer a challenge to me. I still have some to lose but I believe I can do it too.”


I made the decision about the camp spontaneously. I thought to myself “why not”. I arrived to the camp with only one expectation – to prepare for the Business Run – 3.6km, in which I was to participate in September.
A week at Fox Boot Camp made a revolution in my mind about healthy eating as well as gave me greater boldness for varied sports exercises. I discovered hummus, energy bars, coconut oil, morning water with lemon and portions of small dishes. I used to go only to fitness, where I didn’t put in much work. Now it’s not enough. I started doing Cross Fit, I began running outdoors – regardless of the weather, temperature, even in winter. I like to break a sweat, I like to feel fatigue of the body, I like to feel the rush of endorphins :-).
Now I am preparing for the Runmagedon, which I would not have thought about a year ago.
During the camp I lost 4.6 kg. I arrived with a weight of 77.5 kg, and left at 72.9. I currently weigh 70 kg.


In January 2016, I decided I didn’t want to be fat anymore! I didn’t want to have trouble walking, playing football or cycling. Of course, like every New Year’s resolution, I had my ups and downs. That’s when I came across Asia and Robert – a quick decision about a holiday was made, I packed my bag and spent 2 weeks in Kruklanki! The result? Waist smaller by 11cm, weight drop to 79kg (my previous weight was over 90kg), I am currently winning the half-marathon crown, I eat healthy and I feel better! And see how I look for yourself. I wish you all the best and encourage you to visit Asia and Robert in Kruklanki.


Arriving at Fox Boot Camp was the best investment in myself and a turning point in my life.
Before arrival, I was so confused, I used to follow draconian diets, with zero motivation to exercise, I did not know what to do.
I visited the camp for the first time in May 2018. I was struck by the scale of Asia and Robert’s professionalism, discipline and motivation, but also a gentle and individual approach in the case of any problem.
Let’s top this up with comfortable conditions and great people with whom I keep in touch today. After a week I was leaving 3 kg lighter and with a waist circumference 6 cm smaller.
It was then that I felt power and understood what mistakes I’d made so far. After returning from the camp, I couldn’t recognise myself. The zeal for exercise and healthy eating did not diminish for a good few months. I have already booked another camp to recharge batteries.


I strongly recommend it to anyone who has had or is currently experiencing problems with weight, food or sport. All my life it seemed to me that I was training wisely, I knew how to lose weight and I was in good shape. After the camp with Asia and Robert, it turned out that I had been doing my exercises wrong. The same goes for food and miracle short-term diets.
I’ve learned from them:
– Smart, healthy and regular eating
– Workouts that give pleasure and don’t necessarily have to be at the gym …
– LOSS of weight! Quite big! and keeping it (even if I drop my guard… I know how to get back in shape quickly and it’s beautiful
After the camp (which was about 4 years ago) I managed to:
– go from 126 to 103 KG
– start a new adventure with sport (i.e. boxing, CrossFit, 1/4 triathlon, and half-marathons).

Importantly, the adventure with our camp does not have to be just a one-off thing. Many of our participants return to us even several times a year. Everyone who gets a taste of this wonderful form of active leisure in nature will want to keep returning here. Benefit from our slimming holidays today!
Read how our participants changed their approach to sport!