Asia – dietitian and Robert – personal trainer. Enthusiasts of sport and healthy eating. They used their valuable expertise in the fitness industry abroad to create a unique fitness and slimming camp in Poland. In 8 years, they organised over 170 stays and changed the lives of many people, instilling in them the love for physical activity and their own body.

Fox Boot Camp is the fruit of our love for sport and healthy eating. We have been organising slimming and fitness camps in Masuria since 2012. We have invited the BEST COACHES in the country to cooperate with us to provide our guests with 100% professionalism and maximally good results achieved in a safe manner.


Dietitian, co-founder of Fox Boot Camp

Healthy eating is my passion and has been guiding my life since I can remember. I am well aware of the power of food and I’m happy to share this knowledge with others.

My mission is to convince participants that you can lose weight not only effectively, but also in a healthy, tasty and pleasant manner. I top this with a portion of education, the latest news on healthy eating and a large portion of motivation … because to want it to succeed!

When composing a menu at the camp, I pay special attention to base it on generally available products and to make the meals easy to prepare. Participants of the trip return home with knowledge, recipes for dishes and leaven for rye bread, which they can prepare at home.


Personal trainer, fitness instructor, licensed spinning instructor, founder of Fox Boot Camp

I have been involved in fitness for 20 years – 5 years as an amateur, and 15 years as a professional. I lived in England in the years 2002 – 2011. It was there that I gained a trainer’s education and experience in the fitness industry. I completed training courses as: Gym Instructor, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer (YMCA LEVEL 1,2,3) and worked in the largest gyms (including Virgin Active, LA Fitness). I’ve helped people lose or gain weight, I prepared training and nutrition programmes, I conducted fitness tests, group classes and boot camp trainings.

In 2015, I returned to England to take part in training classes for boot camp trainers run by the British marines. Many elements of MARINES training appear during Fox Boot Camp trainings.

My dream has always been to create my own sports camp. Helping people achieve their goals, overcoming weaknesses and great effects that campers achieve thanks to my training programme gives me great satisfaction. As you can see, dreams do come true.


MSc in physical education, personal trainer, running trainer, Runmageddon trainer, gym instructor, tennis trainer

Sport has been with me since I was a child. I have taken part in all possible inter-school sports competitions already in elementary school. For 9 years, my biggest passion has been long distance running. I have numerous achievements in this field, including: 1st place at the Polish AZS Championships in half-marathon 2016, 3rd place at the Polish AZS Championships in half-marathon 2017, 3rd place at the Polish LZS Championships in cross-country running 2016, 1st place in the Karkonosze Half-marathon, 2x 1st place in Gniezno half-marathon, 3rd place in 9.PKO Poznan Half Marathon.

I run trainings for long-distance runners and runners taking part in obstacle runs.

At Fox Boot Camp, I guarantee a great challenge and a lot of fun


MA in physical education, professional soldier, trainer of the Polish Army unit

I am a qualified trainer of the Polish Army unit in Giżycko. I make sure that the fitness and endurance of soldiers is at its best. I have participated in peace missions many times. I also completed a self-defence instructor course, a close contact fight course. I use many elements of soldier training while conducting Fox Boot Camp trainings. I also share knowledge gained in self-defence / combat courses.

I am passionate about sport and a healthy lifestyle. In my free time I train CrossFit and hop on sails (I have the title of Polish Army Champion in Regatta Sailing in 2014, 2015, 2016).


personal trainer, supplementation and nutrition adviser in sport

Sport is my life. I have taken part in football, basketball, handball and athletics competitions since I was a child. Today, as a personal trainer, I conduct functional trainings, circuit training and individual classes. Participants of the Fox Boot Camp can count on breaking quite a swear and a large dose of endorphins and motivation.

I will also be more than happy to give you training and dietary advice, I will answer questions about supplementation in sport. A good training with a large dose of positive energy – that’s what you can expect when training with me!


MSc in Physiotherapy, PILATES instructor

I work as a physiotherapist; a large group of my patients are athletes and amateur trainers. Stretching is my passion and I am very happy that I can share my skills and knowledge with people who prefer this type of movement or need it to supplement training plans, including to prevent injuries and maintain adequate body mobility.

I have been interested in Pilates for several years, I am an instructor of this method. I run classes with great success and interest among people who want to improve flexibility, strength, balance and awareness of their body. I am happy that I can help participants stretch deeply and relieve muscle tension after a hard workout at Fox Boot Camp.