Take the new challenge – running camp among Masurian lakes

Combining training and enjoying the charms of stunning nature is an ideal option not only for die-hard runners, but also for people who have just started their adventure with this sport. We will infect you with the love of running and teach you how to do it safely and effectively.


Regardless of whether your goal is to improve your own record, start in running competitions for the first time, or just simply spend time actively, our camp will prepare you to take on running challenges.

  • You will learn:
    – the foundations of a runner’s training,
    –how to arrange training units best suited to this sport,
    – what to do to improve speed and endurance.
  • The instructors will take care of any correction of your running technique or teach you from scratch.
  • You will be given valuable information on nutrition before and during training or sports competitions.
  • Thanks to consultations and dietary lectures conducted by experienced specialists, you will gain knowledge useful on a daily basis.
  • A healthy and balanced diet will provide you with the energy you need, becoming an irreplaceable weapon in the fight for your dream figure.
  • You will also improve the way you perform strength exercises with various devices, such as kettlebell, dumbbells, TRX, barbells or medicine balls.
  • You will spend time actively in an atmosphere conducive to achieving your goals.


– Performance test and running training divided into groups with various levels of advancement. Thanks to them you will improve: aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, speed and strength of running.
– Complementary training that will improve: running technique, coordination, general strength.
– Lectures on the runner’s diet (what to eat during preparation, before the start, on the start day) and lectures on the structure of training.
– Stretching, rolling and mobilising.
– Kayaking.
– Four obstacle courses.
– Mobility games and activities.


– Arrival on Sunday around 15:00.
– 6 nights at the comfortable Fox Boot Camp resort.
– Full board: 3 main courses, 2 unlimited snacks and drinks. Meals will be properly balanced and of high nutritional value. We will take care of special, cleansing cocktails, because diet is an extremely important element of building fitness!
– During your stay you will be under the care of a trainer all day to help, mobilise and answer burning questions.


Magdalena Lewandowska – running trainer. She will not only provide you with a great dose of theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge and will share her love for running with you.

Robert Lis – owner of Fox Boot Camp and trainer with many years of experience. She will take care of strengthening your endurance and strength.

Joanna Lis – dietician. She will take care of a perfectly balanced diet at the camp and provide information on how to eat to maximise the body’s abilities.

We invite you to joint implementation of the challenge!